The 2022 Mid-Terms and MHO

Greg Lockhart
3 min readNov 9, 2022
Donkeys or elephants? Somebody still has to clean up the shit.

November 8, 2022, and the midterm elections came and went. And guess what? The sun still came up on the morning of November 9, 2022!

The take? Washington elitists say to ‘sit tight.’

Twitter is ablaze with demands for election officials to publicly ‘off’ themselves. All the top brass in and around the Hill say it could take several days to weeks to sort it all out.


We sent men to the moon with 1960s technology and in 2022 we can’t seem to fight our way out of a wet paper bag when it comes to counting votes.

While one party cries foul if they begin to slip to the other party my whole take on the 2022 midterms is like watching a bunch of angry male toddlers in a sandbox learning how to measure each other’s penis.

REGARDLESS of the outcome, let’s take a look at something real.

Actual Issues

Have you had the misfortunate job of trying to put food on your table, keep the rent paid, and the lights on in an economy hellbent on producing the most staggering numbers on inflation in recorded history?

Okay, now let’s take that same family in a day-to-day struggle to simply eat and factor in the upcoming holidays.

Does that single mom, or that hard-working couple give a rat-fuck about the Dems and Repubs? Aside from wishing they would fall off the flat earth in their new$100K EV en route to their fancy Georgetown home, probably not.

Let’s look closer at that issue. That same struggling family or single parent has to not only cope with the pressure of feeding, clothing, educating, and sheltering a family but now we have to begin thinking about Christmas.

After school, kids are inundated with fancy holiday commercials of pajama-clad children in gorgeous homes shrieking with joy as they tear into the absurd pile of presents under that overpriced designer tree to simply advertise where you can buy all of that joy. Your local big box retailer…right?

Wake-up! Who can afford gifts in this economy? I know I can’t. My daughter and grandchildren will be lucky if I’m able to show up and say “Merry Christmas.”

To me, and many other hard-working Americans that is real. The election does nothing and changes nothing for me nor does it or will it better my life…PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

The Honest to God Fact About the 2022 Midterm

I didn’t want to go off on the commercialization of Christmas but oh well…sue me.

I only want to convey what I take from all of this….

This country has got its feet so far to the left, and so far to the right, that it is taking a gigantic piss on what is in between…the American people.

While you ‘sit tight’ think about that.



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