Sometimes Less is More…

Greg Lockhart
3 min readNov 16, 2022


I learned in 2022 that I can exist with far less money than I’ve ever had!

A few weeks ago I was scrolling through LinkedIn as I do each day and in typical LinkedIn fashion, there was a poll.

The name of the person conducting the poll escapes me but the gist of it was this;

If you owned a company and were in the process of hiring a department head, would you hire the person that has been with the company 6 months with an impressive resume and a college degree specific to the job or would you hire the person that has been working in that department for 15 years but has no education beyond high school?

Well, what would you do?

Candidate “A” has a degree, and he or she also has been trying to schedule meetings with you for ideas about how to streamline your operation.

Candidate “B” has been working his or her ass off for you in good times and bad and has never tried to tell you how to run your business.

Candidate “A” has big ideas about implementing platforms and apps to improve efficiency.

Candidate “B” does things one way. The right way. The way you want them to. If you change that, they immediately adapt.

Candidate “A” wants you to look at impressive PowerPoint presentations, show you impressive graphics, and give you pie-in-the-sky numbers that are unrealistic.

Candidate “B” wants to know if you need them to work over today to complete a job.

Candidate “A” sends you emails about why they are the obvious choice for the position.

Candidate “B” doesn’t have time to send you emails, they are too busy trying to make your company succeed.

Candidate “A” is becoming a pain in your ass while candidate “B” is becoming your most valuable asset. In fact, candidate “B” has done much more to impress you with far less than candidate “A” has.

If candidate “A” was half the employee candidate “B” was it might be a harder decision to make.

In this scenario, less is more!

Less education. But more hard work. Less interested in how you do business. But working every day to make sure your business is successful.

But…these are the people here in 2022 that kicked around like a ball on a playground.

When is the last time you scrolled through any social media platform and saw a post about anything other than a new SaaS, platform, or app to help you be better at what you do?

Nobody gives a rat fuck about the little guy working his ass off trying to support a family and showing up to work every day.

We’re all too busy trying to find a way to streamline everything.

Do you know what function of my life I have streamlined lately? My fucking income. It’s not streamlined…it’s nonexistent.

I’m not bellyaching. I understand that our country is economically inept at the moment.

Companies I used to write for consistently have either tanked or have put a hard freeze on blog post buying and I get that. I adapt…just like candidate “B” because I have to.

I have learned how to live with the bare fucking minimum. But…I work every day. Every day I write something. It might be here, it might be somewhere else, but I write because that is what I do.

And when things pick back up…and they will…I will have stacks and stacks of articles and blog posts ready to sell. Get while they’re hot…no line no wait…buy ’em in bulk and save big!

Now if you will excuse me I am taking candidate “B” to lunch to listen and learn.



Greg Lockhart

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