I Am Not Afraid to Fail…Again…What I Am Afraid of Is Not Starting…Again!

Greg Lockhart
4 min readOct 12, 2022
I might have to walk over a few rocks before I find the right wave!

A few weeks back, I scanned through all of the social media groups that I interact with. It was at that point I realized that there were far too many apps, platforms, SaaS providers, and consultants that are not addressing any real problems.

Every one of them wants to make your business successful by selling you a digital product to streamline how you do what you do.

I too have been guilty of selling what I know to those willing to buy it and then on to the next one.

At 58 years of age, I have tried… and failed… tried… and failed… tried yet again, and guess what? I failed… AGAIN!

Last night as I struggled with my daily attempt at destroying insomnia, I figured out that it’s not the failing part that get’s me so down…I fail quite well.

It’s coming up with starting the next attempt that I am terrified of.

I also figured out that the older you get the harder it is to start over… at anything.

That’s why as my fellow followers have seen, I have retired the digital attempts in lieu of trying to address a real problem.

Simple Acts of Human Kindness

I actually saw a headline here on Medium that stated all Medium writers were either millionaires or very rich!

I did not read the story as I chuckled to myself. I figured it had to be one of those paradoxical humor pieces about how we starving writers get to our next meal!

This brings me to my point. I published some pieces last week about what I would like to do with my ‘Golden Years’ as they are right around the corner.

Now once again, I appeal to a higher amount of readers who would at this point stop, and go on to something else. That’s your right and I thank you for at least this much time. I understand you thought this was maybe a piece about starting up a new and improved digital product that would save humanity.

In a way, it is.

This story is a digital product published by ME here on Medium. I'm not selling you snake oil-laden magical cure-alls for your business. I’m not selling you a piece of software to help you better run a business that I have no business running! And may God strike me dead if I ever, EVER try and start another social media platform!

I live in a very poor community where most folks are on a very fixed income and they get a monthly penance from Uncle Sam. What they get is nothing close to a livable wage.

Most of their vehicles are ragged and worn, just as their clothes and homes are. Many of them have to choose monthly over life-saving medication/food/or electricity.

It is a major issue of an epic scale that the average business owner could never comprehend. These people have started their lives , started their families, started their homes in this community and now they face the ultimate fail. They are dying.

Then there are those that simply cannot afford a simple home for shelter with winter being like my ‘Golden Years’ just around the corner!

I want to show some simple acts of human kindness. I want to be able to put a hot meal in a starving stomach. A steaming hot cup of coffee is a godsend to the homeless in winter.

But that is tough on a freelance writers budget. I live as many of these people do. Paycheck to paycheck. And with the type of work I do, sometimes (like the past two weeks) I go without a paycheck.

I understand the economy is a crap show right now and with gas at record highs and milk at $5 per gallon, it is not going to be an easy winter for anyone!

But simple acts of human kindness are lying in the console or your EV right now. Loose change can show that act of kindness.

And a few dollars coupled with a few more dollars and a few more and suddenly, I could help someone keep the lights and heat on for another month!

I have started a ‘Go Fund Me’ page for Simple Acts of Human Kindness.

Will you help me help someone in need?

I do not want anyone to look at me as some evangelist trying to scam money, and if I get one hate email from someone claiming this…I will have failed… again. That is totally missing the point.

Simple acts of human kindness can be just that…SIMPLE!

If I fail, I really do not know if have any more ‘START AGAIN’ left in my tank!

Let’s show somebody that there are still GOOD PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET!



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