Do We Really Need Another App, Another Platform, or Another SaaS?

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

The next generation of advanced evolution for our species, will look like this.

Humans will sprout additional arms and hands, grow a second or even third set of eyes, and as the brain splits itself in half to form a second brain, our ability to multitask across apps and platforms simultaneously will only be enhanced with the right SaaS. Connect with friends, family, business associates, and social media platforms by selecting which brain you want to sync with your new AI hard drive.

The Universe is the only thing expanding in this economy, and the number of new apps, platforms, software as a service, and devices are not far behind.

I do not wish to see how this landscape will look when my grandkids have their kids.

According to this article and graphic from, there are;

  1. 1.17 billion websites in the world
  2. 252,000 new websites are created every day
  3. 10,500 new websites are created every hour
  4. 175 websites are created every minute
  5. 3 websites are created every second
  6. 2000+ new websites have been created thus far in this post
  1. 83% of all websites are inactive
  2. 50 billion websites will never be seen
  3. The active and most viewed websites generate over 6 trillion pop-up ads every hour
  1. 2 billion online shoppers spend 4.2 trillion USD in eCommerce annually
  2. Mobility is key and only 23% of all websites are mobile-friendly
  3. The US is the global leader in failed online businesses
  4. 90% of all online businesses fail in the first 120 days

So, the question remains;


Don’t look at me, I’m just the guy asking the question!

In my little experiment, I documented how many new apps, platforms, SaaS Providers, and other online entrepreneurial ventures one person (being me) could be exposed to in the average visit to a social media platform.

Here is what I saw by spending a half-hour each on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as I went to engage with 3 different groups on each one. Digital Marketing, Freelance Writing, Content Marketing/Strategy;

  1. 35 new or improved Digital Marketing Tools
  2. 15 new platforms for app building, A/B testing
  3. 21 AI-enhanced products
  4. 17 new collaboration/forums for streamlining your business procedures

With 83% of all websites being inactive, 90% of all online businesses failing in the first 120 days, and only 23% of all websites being mobile-friendly I must ask this question;


Think about it, all that new tech being available how come so many of these new businesses or ideas fail? All those individuals creating all that useless stuff are creating societal cancer that does not;

  1. Streamline anything but their ability to extract money from you
  2. Offer any real tangible reward or solutions
  3. Provide new businesses with any benefits
  4. Solve any problem

DISCLAIMER: I get on certain rants now and then, and I may let a few F-bombs drop here and there, but I do believe there is a God and it is not the internet!

How long is it going to be before the web and all the products, goods, and services promoted and sold via the web suffer the same fate as mankind in the days of Noah when The Lord finally said;

“Enough is enough, I must destroy this and start over!”

How long will it be before the web implodes and what will it look like after the flood waters recede?

Will your new app, platform, or SaaS sink, swim, or make it to the ark in time?



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