Crystal Ball Observations for 2023

Greg Lockhart
3 min readNov 25, 2022
Yes…that is one of them…

Thanksgiving has come and gone ushering in the holiday season once again…BAH HUMBUG!

Yep…I am the quintessential Grinch when it comes to the jolly fat man visiting on December 25th. 58 years has made me a bit bitter about the whole “Oh my God I have to buy so-and-so the perfect gift!”…BAH F!@#$%^ HUMBUG!

No harm intended to those of you who do find this “The most wonderful time of the year!”

So What Does 2023 Look Like?

Well, unless something cosmically intuitive happens there will be absolutely no difference between 2022 AND 2023.


I find it rather appalling that on December 11th…just a few short days from now NASA’s Artemis 1 mission will be over. A 25-day mission to safety check the new Orion Capsule and certify it for flight.

What really gets me going on this is I was but a young lad when the NASA and the Apollo Missions were in their heyday. Two things lit my eyes with wild-eyed wonderment. Christmas time and any Apollo Mission.

2023 is going to usher in a new era of moon missions and the squawk on social media is destroying the very essence of our humanity.

If it were left up to the social media pundits we would stop the program altogether. BAH HUMBUG!

Right now Artemis 1 and the Orion Capsule is in orbit around the moon for the first time in over 50 years. And my emails from leading news agencies have buried it deep. The only way I can find any news about this mission is to go straight to the source….

2022 online technology lets me watch right from home with better coverage than the three big networks of the 70s ever thought about. I can watch live shots from any of the 23 onboard cameras.

And I for one am SO THANKFUL FOR THIS…I have in the past few days remembered how I watched the Apollo mission on that big refrigerator-sized Zenith console TV. 2022 NASA has inspired this 58-year-old Grinch.


Nobody and I mean nobody is talking about the groundbreaking moon missions to follow in 2023 and beyond.

The last time I checked the internet was chocked full of women who have succeeded in their chosen professions. Yet there’s no talk about the first manned mission to the moon where the first woman will set foot on the lunar surface. Maybe it’s up to me…after all, I noticed it!

And wait another minute. Just a few short years ago, there was 60s reminiscent racism running rampant that sparked the Black Lives Matter movement. I applauded that and still do…ALL lives matter.

But that first manned mission to the moon is also going to put the first Black Man on the lunar surface. Nobody cares….I DO!


Social Media is calling for NASA’s head on a silver platter. They want us to address things right here, and I agree.

Hold the phone. In the late 60s and early 70s, 90% of the groundbreaking discoveries in medicine were due to the Apollo missions and the experiments they performed. Granted we have the ISS and their experiments are much more in-depth. HURRAH!

But 2023 is going to bring back our undeniable nature to explore. DOUBLE HURRAH!

Where people see gross expenditure…I see an opportunity. Where people see needless programs I say do away with Capitol Hill! There’s where the gross expenditures are running rampant!

2023 will be another typical year. The American People will be more worried about the Democrats and Republican candidates for the 2024 election and anything short of that will be on page four!

So there it is. Now if you will excuse me I have to hit a Black Friday Sale and buy some Artemis 1 stuff for my Christmas Tree!

Thanks NASA, you melted the Grinch’s heart!



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